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Building guitar pedals is a time-consuming, often frustrating, and expensive process. If you think you will save time and money by making your own digital delay pedal, I highly advise you to read R. Keen's page on the economics of pedal building.

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However, if like me, you are obsessive, enjoy messing around with electronics and want to make something that looks and sounds uniquely your own, continue reading ahead Follows are detailed instructions on how I made my own digital delay pedal. I must admit that I used a laser cutter as an integral part of the process, but I feel most of the tasks that I am using it for can be performed with many more modest tools.

My focus of the Instructable is not so much in the assembly of the circuit, but the assembly of the case, as this is where the real crux of the problem lies. Cramming a lot of things into a little enclosure is not particularly easy. Yet, it's my hope that these instructions will help in some way to simplify the process.

Did you use this instructable in your classroom? Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson. My schematic is largely read: almost entirely based upon Casper Electronics' EchoBender pedalwhich is in turn largely based on Tonepad's Rebote 2.

Having breadboard all three, I personally can not hear a significant difference in sound between the Casper Electronic version and the one on Tonepad, which some people say is superior sounding the one in the datasheet just sounds flat.

The nice thing about the Casper Electronics version is the inclusion of a feedback pot, which gives a really full sound to the echo effect.

The things that I have changed are a few mildly significant resistor and capacitor values. The biggest difference is that I have removed the "long delay" distortion pot. This potentiometer is basically forcing the chip to under-sample the input to create a longer delay and, in my opinion, doesn't sound very good.

If you like under-sampled, long-delayed, audio, by all means throw in a large 1M potentiometer in series with the delay pot. As you may have also inferred from this, the longer the delay, the less clear the output signal; so be warned that even the "short delay" starts to degrade when cranked up all the way. For redundancy sake, I have redrawn the schematic. I have put three image notes on my schematic to indicate parts of the circuit that have changed. The schematic drawn by Casper Electronics is much more clear and I recommend you mainly go by that one.

Build out the circuit on a breadboard. Why breadboard? There are a couple of reasons: 1 To make sure you get it right in the first place. There is nothing worse than soldering a circuit permanently in place to find out it doesn't work. For instance, should you not like how it sounds, you can easily swap out parts until you do. Once you are sure the circuit works on the breadboard, solder everything, but the jacks, potentiometers and switches, to a printed circuit board.

Pay careful attention to your connections. If you have enough parts to do so, it is recommended that you leave the breadboard intact as a point of reference. It is wise to only disassemble the breadboard after you are absolutely sure the soldered circuit works.

Using the attached files, cut out the bracket patterns into a 0. I used a laser cutter, but you can probably get the same results with a sharp utility knife and some careful tracing.

These two pieces will go between the potentiometers and the case, and the switches and the case. They will function to prevent the body of the potentiometers and switches from rotating. Download the attached file, zero your enclosure in the laser cutter and stencil the image onto the front of the case.

Digital Delay Pedal

Do one strong pass or two medium passes.Log in or Sign up. The Gear Page. Tags: best boutique delay favorite preset. Nov 24, 1. Messages: I currently have the TC X4, and I love it. I love that I have 3 presets that I can activate with just 1 tap. Any other delay pedals that rival the TC X4 in terms of ease of use? I keep thinking about the Strymon Timeline since I can store presets or something ridiculous, but I have to "scroll" up and down to cycle through them.

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I like just having to tap once to get my sound. I use lots of delays so I'd like to have as many as possible right at my feet. Nov 24, 2. I don't know how you feel about the size of the TC X4 series of pedals, but I think they're massive.

If you're asking for physical switches for every single preset you can have, you're looking at a seriously massive piece of equipment that unfortunately does not exist at this point. Pedalboard real estate is valuable - manufacturers probably realised this, which is why most of the programmable delays are going with the bank implementation where it's required for you to scroll up and down. Nov 24, 3. I mean I get that, I'm not asking for a 50 switch pedal I was just seeing how pedals like the Strymon compare as far as ease of use.

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Sounds like the Strymon might be easier, with the midi switch. And I don't use many pedals, the real-estate the X4 takes up isn't too bad. Certainly not a deal-breaker. Nov 24, 4. Messages: 12, Nov 24, 5.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. So it makes sense to have one on hand!

delay pedal kit

So, where do you start? And how do you decide between smaller units or larger multi-fx pedals? The Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man Delay Pedal is a smaller, more compact version of one of the most well-respected delay pedals of all time.

The Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man Delay pedal gives you the ability to adjust the feedback the number of delay repeats Delay time, the Level and Depth but also provides the option to mix in some Chorus and Vibrato, offering up a modulated sound in addition to the delay.

This means you can create some fantastic shimmering sounds and sculpt some really cool tones. This is easily one of the best delay pedals ever made! This small, but extremely powerful pedal from the world renowned Jim Dunlop MXR range features a completely analogue audio path so you get rich and warm delay repeats.

In fact, this pedal uses that old-school bucket brigade technology — the first kind of chip that effectively recreated a delay without the use of two tape decks. Go from quick, snappy and clean delays to longer drawn out Call and Repeat delays thanks to the huge ms of delay time and enjoy more room on your pedal board thanks to the small size.

For those who want more from their delay pedals as well as the ability to control their delay via tap tempo and up to 1. You have 16 different delay models all of which have been based on world famous and highly coveted delay pedals and rack mounted effects such as the Maestro EP-1 Echoplex, T.

ElectronicRoland RE Space Echo and so many more — if you love your delay sounds and want a variety of different options without having to buy 16 different delay stompboxes, this is a fantastic option. In addition, you can create your perfect delay and store it on one of three channels for call back later. One of the best delay pedals you could ever hope to play and an industry standard option used by professional musicians and bands everywhere such as John Mayer, Minus The Bear and more.

You essentially get 2 delay pedals in 1 apocalypse-proof stomp box! This Custom mode provides warm-yet-clear delays as well as a maximum ms delay time allowing you to go from slapback delays all the way to call and response echo delays.

The BOSS 5 year warranty, typical tank-proof construction and easy to use layout make it a great option for those in need of a no-fuss pedal. This is not only one of the best delay pedals of today, but easily a contender for one of the best delay pedals of all time — especially considering it contains one of the greatest delay pedals EVER! A beautiful sounding delay pedal and very easy to use option for professionals and intermediates alike.

Although it only arrived on the music scene inthe sheer amount of effects within this tiny pedal and superb sound quality have seen it become one of the most sought-after options. An position rotary switch allows you to choose from an array of delay sounds such as classic tape echo, reverse delay, Verb reverb and delay togethershimmer and even activate a 62 second looper for jamming out ideas.

We could talk about how awesome this pedal really is or you could just watch and listen to Dagan demoing this awesome and extremely versatile pedal below:.Whether you're looking to buy your first delay pedal or your 15th, there are few effects that are as fun, inspiring or dynamic.

For the uninitiated, delays create an echo or repeat of your guitar sound and are commonly used by guitarists the world over including The Edge U2 and Steve Vai. Before you buy one of the best delay pedals on this list, though, you should have a think about what kind of delay you're after.

Different types of delays not only offer a variety of options and functions, but in some cases radically different voicings and feels too. For such a creativity-boosting guitar effect, it's worth making sure that it gels well with your personality as a player, so that it can spark the most inspiration for you and your music. If you want a no-frills analog delay that doesn't cost the earth, the TC Electronic Echobrain is the way to go.

It's simple, sounds good, and even blends well with other delays and reverbs in case you later add more pedals to your boardor indeed if you are looking to add a delay pedal to your existing board. If you want a simple digital delay, then the Boss DD-3T is our recommendation. The DD-3 has been a staple for three decades for a reason, and the addition of tap-tempo just makes it even better. Without tweaking the stock sounds, our general feeling is that the Strymon patches are a little better voiced, and offer more instant gratification.

On the options side, though, the DD has comparable sound quality once dialed in, a great UI with lots of options, and some market-leading stereo and parallel settings once you've updated the firmware. It's also a little cheaper, so if we had to pick only one best delay pedal, we'd go with the DD Analog delays work by using a so-called Bucket Brigade chip, a capacitor array that gives them a distinctive dark sound that's increasingly lo-fi at longer delay settings.

If you turn up the feedback, you'll find that these can be easily coerced into infinite feedback and auto-oscillation. Digital delays are generally more pristine in timbre. Depending on who you ask, they might describe them as brighter or even clinical.

Some, like the Boss DD-3, DD-5 and DD-6, have a distinctive tone of their own that sits somewhere between clinical and the darker, grungier tone of an analog delay. Digital emulations of delays have become commonplace with modern signal processing, and it's not unusual to see larger delay units emulating not only classic analog delays, but also tape echoes and other delay types.

Finally, there's a somewhat more hazy group of digital delays that aren't trying to emulate other sounds, but instead do something radically new. If you've already got the basics covered, then a more out there delay could sark some needed inspiration in your rig. The Boss DD-3 has been the staple digital delay for 30 years, and the reason is no secret - it simply sounds amazing. Pristine delays, a pleasant overall timbre, and an EQ profile that works equally well in a band context or studio mix, make this a no-brainer for everybody from bedroom musicians to pros.

With the latest update, Boss has improved the base functionality of the DD-3 by adding a tap-tempo input, allowing you to use an external tap source to control the delay. The Memory Boy is Electro-Harmonix's mid-range analog offering. As you'd expect from an analog delay, it's dark but characterful, giving a lush and organic delay sound.

In terms of parameters, it's small but powerful, with modulation built in, and several modes to change the character of the modulation applied to the echoes.Log in or Sign up. The Gear Page. Best DIY pedal kit? Sep 9, 1.

Korg MS-20 Kit with the VOX Double Deca Delay Pedal

Messages: 9, I searched around a bit and DIY does not work in the search. If someone posts a link to an existing thread Ill delete this one. SirGilmourSep 9, Sep 9, 2. Messages: ToneBumSep 9, Sep 9, 3. Messages: 10, BYOC is awesome. High quality components and I'm always hearing great things about them.

I built the Leeds Fuzz kit from them and it's really great. A friend of mine has the phaser and loves it, I don't think you could go wrong with any of their kits! EmprosSep 9, Sep 9, 4. I could totally rock an all BYOC board.

Eight best delay pedals for guitarists in 2019

The classics with a fresh twist, some original ish designs and combinations up there too. Awesome pedals. Sep 9, 5. Sounds like BYOC is popular!

delay pedal kit

Thanks for all of the replies so far! Can't wait to build my first pedal! Sep 9, 6. You should sign up at the BYOC forum.

What kinda sound are you going for for your first pedal? Sep 9, 7.So, what is delay? Combined with various sets of controls — like repeats or modulation — it can produce anything from ear-splitting walls of sounds to otherworldly sci-fi warbles. The crowning glory is the way the Mod control emulates the wow and flutter in an authentically random and haphazard way, that leaves you in no doubt why Echoplex obsessive Eric Johnson calls this the best EP-3 recreation around today.

The core of the Tonal Recall is built around a pair of reissued MN bucket-brigade delay chips, resulting in an unmistakable analogue character and velvety tape-like modulation. Simply put, it offers everything you could ever dream of from an analogue delay pedal, and much more besides.

So it is with the Boonarcrown jewel of up-and-coming Croatian boutique builder Dawner Prince. But while digital recreations sometimes lack the organic nature of an analogue device, the Boonar is endlessly fascinating, occasionally unpredictable and never less than beautiful sounding, all in a tiny footprint. Despite being over 20 years old now, the Line 6 DL4 remains a staple of pro and amateur pedalboards the world over.

Many Strymon fans argue that the TimeLine is the best delay pedal in the world… maybe even the best of all time. A delay pedal for those who really do want everything. Smashing together delay and modulation creates a whole range of curious and compelling sounds, and if you add an expression pedal to the equation, things get crazy very quickly — in a good way. Hugely inspiring. The core of the Electroman MKII is a pair of cascaded delay lines which, when melded together via the mode switch, blur the lines between analogue warmth and digital spaciness.

Learn more about delay and echo here. And check out our lists for best compressorfuzz and reverb pedals, too. We provide insight and opinion about gear, artists, technique and the guitar industry for all genres and skill levels. Sign in. Log into your account. Forgot your password? Password recovery. Recover your password. We visit the actor and comic at home in Los Angeles to find out about his biggest offscreen passions: guitars and music.

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Acoustic Guitars. Fender follows the Acoustasonic Telecaster with a double-cut version, complete with a range of new sounds. Does this svelte hybrid raise the bar?

delay pedal kit

Electric Guitars. Time to take the plunge? As Fender reboots its near-forgotten Lead Series with some striking colour options, we ask whether these stripped-back strummers are good enough to justify their revival. This stripped-down and hot-rodded Gretsch solidbody has a tempting price tag to match.

delay pedal kit

Buyer's Guides.Nowadays, delay can mean anything from a simple, barely audible slapback echo to a sound effect where the original signal ripples and ricochets into an eternity of ambience. Limited space on the board?

For something a little more classic, the list of TC Electronic Flashback users over the years pretty much says it all. Which type of delay is best for you? Generally speaking, digital delays have cleaner echoes, analogue delays sound richer and darker, and tape delays degrade with each repeat. This round-up of the best delay pedals should help you find the right stompbox for you and get those repeats adding serious depth to your noise….

Meet the DD, which boasts a whopping patches to save your carefully crafted tones with the added functionality of running two simultaneously.

Full marks all round. Read the full review: Boss DD And the options range from the more conventional repeats popularised through early analog and digital units to more extreme, pitch-shifted ambient depths that can make your guitar sound like its beaming through space.

Read the full review: Strymon TimeLine. One of the best compact delay pedals out there. Read the full review: Electro-Harmonix Canyon. This update of the original compact pedal offers the same kind of user-friendly design and some truly lush-sounding delays. This could very well be it. Read the full review: TC Electronic Flashback 2.

The Carbon Copy boasts ms of delay time with optional modulation via a top-mounted switch and a simple, three-knob layout that controls time, mix and repeats. In addition, two internal trim pots offer user-adjustable width and rate control of the modulation for even more tonal options. Consider it a modern and updated version of the original that quickly became one of the most popular delay units of its era.

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Like the DD, it offers a dual mode where you can have two different delays running simultaneously — which opens up endless possibilities for depth and space. Though it might be a bit overkill for anyone planning to stick to one or two straightforward delay sounds, anyone looking to get really experimental would be wise to give the Echosystem a try.

Read the full review: Empress Echosystem.

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